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^ Mohamed Sadek Messikh, Tunis. La mémoire, éd. Du Layeur, 2000, p. 25 ^ Morsy, Magali (1984). North Africa, 1800–1900: a survey from the Nile Valley to the Atlantic. Longman. p. 185. ISBN 0582783771. "Mustafa Khaznadar became Prime Minister in 1837, a position he maintained under three successive beys, more or less continuously until 1873."

Ali Abdul Saoud Mohamed, (علي محمد) (born June 3, 1952) is a double agent who worked for both the CIA and Egyptian Islamic Jihad simultaneously, reporting on the workings of each for the benefit of the other.. He came to the United States working as a translator for Ayman al-Zawahiri, who toured California mosques to raise money to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.INDEX GLOBALE DU Répertoires de la recherche scientifique de université frères Mentouri Constantine 1, publications, thèses, cours, Enseignants, experience, diplômes ....